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Belt Support

The flat wearstrips are fastened by means of flatheaded plastic screws, which provides a smooth surface free of any hooking.

The wearstrips arrangement is an important factor in the life span of a conveyor belt. It should be chosen the most suitable configuration according to the transport needs.

To calculate the quantity of supports, the weight of the product to be conveyed should be taken into account.


It consists of placing the wearstrips in a parallel and continuous way along the conveyor structure.

It is preferable to position them so that the joints do not coincide.

This is probably the simplest and most economical configuration although, depending on the load to be transported, uneven wears can arise on the back surface of the belt.

It is not advisable for applications with a very heavy load.


The wearstrips are placed throughout the length and breadth of the conveyor, as shown in the picture above.

The possible wear that might occur will be even all over the belt, since it is resting on the wearstrips lengthwise and breadthwise.

With this angle-shaped layout the cleaning and the removal of wastes are easy.

It is advisable for applications bearing heavy loads or for high speeds.